Your last year of high school is such a huge milestone time in life. It was then, for me, that I really felt like everything was about to take off -- I was learning about who I was, what I loved, what was special to me, and different directions I was about to take. It is SUCH an exiciting, whirwind of a time. This is why I love taking senior portraits. There is a special uniqueness to each and every senior I work with, and I love being able to capture that for them. My easy going, relaxed and fun style of shooting is great for both those who love being in the spotlight, as well as for those who don't really think of a solo photo shoot as their ideal activity. But as we hang out together you, I can assure you that I will mold to YOUR style and desires, to get you the best photos posisble, and also make sure you are actually enjoying yourself and having genuine fun. You and I will design the shoot together, as I want your shoot to be all about YOU.