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Haley + Conner

There's few things that can genuinely get me pumped about being up before the some really good breakfast, perhaps leaving for a trip....donuts or something....Oh. And a sunrise photo shoot on top of a Colorado mountain with a REALLY awesome couple. That one is definitely now at the top of my list ;)

Haley & Conner were so patient with my crazy schedule, and agreed to meet me for a sunrise shoot (killer light, like in the evenings) the morning before I flew back to San Diego after my September trip home to Colorado. 

We met up in Boulder, and drove up the mountain until we found a perfect spot. The wind was blowing, the air was chilly and crisp...but we were ready. We found a cozy spot in the trees, where the most beautiful rays of early sun greeted us, dripping through the trees like gold. I WAS IN HEAVEN.

Not only was the location dreamy, but so is their love for each other. The two of them are so sweet with one another, the kind of love that you feel you read about in books or see in movies. There is no question about what they have with each other, and that is seriously such a magical thing to be able to witness and capture. 

I could go on about these two, but I will stop rambling. This engagement shoot was truly wonderful, and I seriously could not be more thrilled for the two of them. Is it too early to begin the countdown to their wedding next summer?!