here are answers to some questions that i get a lot! however, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at any time for more!

Where the heck do you live? Can I book you in both Colorado and California?
So I was born + raised in Northern Colorado and lived there full time the first 23 years of my life! So that is where the majority of my people are. I currently do live part time in San Diego too — I originally moved out here to explore commercial + fashion photography, which had me in LA temporarily but I love San Diego SO much more. And yes, call me crazy, but I go back to Colorado nearly every 6-8 weeks or more. I love both places so much, and am always booking in both. Colorado WILL be my main home base again coming this August!

How and when do we receive our photos after the shoot? How many images?
For most shoots you can plan on roughly 2 weeks. For weddings, plan on 4-6 weeks! I deliver all photos electronically through an online gallery. And once you get that link, they are allll yours! You will be pleasantly overwhelmed with TONS of images, as I am never one to withhold your memories or cut them off at a certain “quantity.”

Do you have recommendations on what to wear?
Absolutely! My biggest thing is to stay true to yourself + your style. I do have a full guide to help you navigate though, and am always open to helping you narrow down options.

At weddings, do you do formal posed pics AND candids?
Of course! I have a super honest + natural documentary type style, where I am all about capturing the moments in their raw, beautiful form as they are. I am not about that cookie-cutter kind of thing (unless cookies are involved) But of course we will also get those posed family shots and things like that. I’ve got you :)

What would you say your wedding day shooting style is like?
You can think of me as not just your photographer, but also as your wedding day partner-in-crime. Your third wheel in a way. You and your lovers’ happiness and carefree fun that day is my number one priority and I am totally there to support you in all the ways I can. I go with the flow, and just want everything that day to fun and effortless for you. I don’t like to control your day and every move, forcing you into uncomfortbale, posed situations. Of course I am always there for guidance, suggestions if needed, and to help keep things flowing smoothly :)

How many weddings have you photographed? 
I shot my first wedding 9 years ago, and since have photographed around 150! WOAH.

Do you do destination weddings?
Um, YES! I am always up for an adventure.

Do you do intimate weddings/elopements?
Absolutely! I shoot weddings of allllll sizes and types.

How would you describe your editing style?
It’s usually described as natural, romantic, bold, and timeless! I want you to look at your photos and feel as amazing as you did that day — plus more! And to be able to look at them 50 years down the road and still love them. That’s why I like to keep things natural, and am not into the “trendy” editing styles that come and go.

Do you still do fashion and commercial work?
Absolutely! I’m not with any company or agency exclusively, so I am fully open for that! Definitely shoot me an email for more details.

Do we pick the location for our shoot, or do you?
Both! If you have a specific place in mind, let me know! Otherwise I’ve got a whole lot of suggestions and options for ya.

What if we are super uncomfortable in front of the camera?
Seriously try not to stress it. I promise I will make it comfortable! Think of it more as us all just hanging out and adventuring around, and I just happen to have my camera LOL. You know, just me crashing your date. I’m all about your real connection and I will guide ya to get you movin’ and having fun and enjoying each other.

Do we meet before we book you/shoot?
Not always, but we totally can! For weddings we definitely will, or at least via video chat or a phone call if we are in different geographic locations! Engagement shoots are a great opportunity for this too of course :) For other shoots, totally not necessary unless you would like to! 

Alright, how do I make this official?!
Woohoo!! If you are on board, let’s get things rolling! Shoot me an email or give me a call and LET’S DO THE DANG THING.