Reach out! I’ll send you allll the info! Then I’d love to hop on the phone, or meet up if you prefer to get to know each other a bit, talk about your wedding day visions, and I can answer any initial questions you may have for me — I’m an open book!

Make it official! When you decide I can be your official new third wheel, I just request a down payment and your signature on an agreement, then you’re all set to go. Yay! I also offer unique payment plan options to fit your needs best.



Photography should 100% not be something to stress about! We can work together to cover all bases of your timeline, I’ll ask about a few details, then just anticipate an easy-going day with me!

We will also get your engagement session in the books ASAP!



WOOHOO! Time do to the thing. After being a part of nearly 200 wedding days, you can rest assured knowing that I am your go-to sidekick and that I’ll always be thinking at least one step ahead to assure that you’re happy as heck all day long.


My Shooting Style

Couples & their friends and family are truly always telling me my calm, positive & upbeat energy made a huge difference in their day — and that’s my goal! I am super present and observant & there for you when you need for guidance or direction.

Meanwhile, you also won’t see me getting in the way, trying to control or over-direct things, etc. Your day is YOUR day, and I am just there to capture all of the magic and make sure you’re having the best time. :)



As I tend to be too excited to wait, you can anticipating seeing some previews within a couple of days.

After about 4-6 weeks, your full gallery will be done! I deliver all galleries online where you can see, share, and download alllll of your photos!

The exact number of images always varies, as each wedding is unique, but I normally end with roughly 600-1000 photos! I don’t believe in witholding any, or cutting it off at a certain amount. You should be able to look back on your photos and see the full story that your day was, so you can remember and feel that magic forever.

Think we may be a good fit?! Shoot me an email and let’s connect. I can’t wait to learn your story. :)